Fibre glass industry

Matting plant

Definition of task: Controlling a complete manufacturing unit for the production of fibre glass mat, particularly the controls for cutting tools and the conveyor belt system.
Automation: 2 x PLC S7 300 with Lenze frequency converters of the 8400 and 9400 series
Network: Profibus-DP and CAN
Switchgear: 5 distributed switch cabinets networked via Industrial Ethernet
Remote maintenance: via Internet VPN terminal
Operating: via Siemens TP 270 touch panel

Fibre glass industry Fibre glass industryFibre glass industry





Spooling machines

Definition of task: Controls for an automatic spooling machine for glass silk
Automation: PLC Siemens S7 300 frequency converter made by Lenze ECS
Switchgear: Cabinet mounted resiliently on the machine
Network: Profibus-DP and CAN
Higher ranking network: Industrial Ethernet
Operating: Touchpanel
Use: Oschatz fibre glass factory,
Valmiera fibre glass factory (Latvia)
Tatneft fibre glass factory (Russia)

fibre glass industry fibre glass industry